Blackview's History

Blackview was founded by David Xu (Xu Ming), in March 2003. The founder aims at offering high-quality mobile phones and tablets to the users at affordable prices. Before the release of any of Blackview’s product in the market, a high-performance testing process is conducted to facilitate perfect product functioning.

Manufacturer’s Location

Blackview is a Chinese company that deals with rugged phones. Located in China, the manufacturer releases wholly waterproof and high-quality smartphones to the users globally.

Locations of Blackview Offices

Blackview has their offices in the following nations: Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Algeria, South Africa, Greece, Philippines, Singapore and other places. These global agents are there to ensure that all customers’ needs are well catered for.

Last Blackview Products

The release of BV9500 Pro in the market has attracted many target customers. The rugged smartphone has an internal storage of 64GB ROM+4GB RAM. The device will suit all your smartphone needs; the early customers will get this device at lower prices.

List of Latest Phone and Tablets

• BV9500 Pro – Android 8.1
• A30 – Android 8.1 Oreo
• A20 Pro – Android 8.1
• BV8000 Pro – Android 8.0
• P10000 Pro – Android 8.1

What is mSpy?

Since its debut in 2010, mSpy has become our go-to mobile monitoring app. Today, mSpy has over 1 million users across the globe, and enjoys a reputable standing among other cell phone and tablet tracking apps. In its short lifespan, it has undergone multiple improvements making it a fairly capable and highly effective tracking application.

Who is mSpy for?

Although primarily aimed at parents to track their child’s activity and whereabouts, mSpy can also be used legally by business owners to monitor and protect their employees, and can, in fact, be installed on the device of any adult, provided that they are fully aware and have given their consent.

Installation and system Requirements.

The mSpy app is compatible with smartphones and tablets running on Android 4+ operating systems, although some devices may require additional unlocking of software restrictions in order to access the full list of features mSpy has to offer. Monitoring of instant messaging services, for example, works only on rooted Android devices, whilst devices running on IOS, require jailbreaking to use the complete range of services available. Installation of mSpy software takes between 5 and 15 minutes, and requires the parent to have physical possession of their child’s phone or tablet. In order to send data to the parental control panel, the device being tracked must be connected to the internet.

Text Message Monitoring with mSpy

Most kids prefer using text message instead of calling. The mSpy app allows you to view what they are chatting about. It is possible for your kids to come into contact with predators, cyber bullies, and any other unwelcomed individuals.
With mSpy, you have an opportunity to monitor your children’s online safety. You will get access to all incoming and outgoing messages at all times. Additionally, you will know the date and time when your child received the message. Most importantly, you can access the deleted texts using our application.


When it comes to mobile monitoring, mSpy's geofencing feature is outstanding. Geofencing lets mobile apps capture device location data via Wi-Fi, cellular networks, RFID, or GPS. mSpy's geofencing feature enabled us to define virtual boundaries. Then, when a tracked device entered or exited a virtual boundary, mSpy triggered a number of pre-programmed responses. Based on how our geofence's configuration, mSpy sent us text messages and push notifications. Besides, geofencing can be used to track vehicle fleets, disable technology, schedule automatic social media posts, or send location-based advertisements.
With mSpy's geofencing feature, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of safe and prohibited virtual zones around a geographical region, known as a geofence
  • Determine how frequently each virtual zone is visited
  • Receive text alerts, push notifications, or emails upon a target's entry into or exit from a zone
  • View device movement history on a map

Android monitoring app Blackview S6

Is there anything in this world such as, “excessively protected”? No, I am sure there isn’t. In an online networking driven world where everything happens to be out there, Parents’ security concern happens to be genuine. Catfishing, identity fraud, stalking, and cyberbullying [...] 

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