Lenovo is a Chinese Multinational that produces phones, tablets and other electronics such as Smart Tvs and the commercially successful “Think” Laptops that are comprised of the Thinkpad, ThinkCentre and other Laptop lines.


Lenovo was founded in 1984 in Bejing, China and originally checked the quality of tvs imported into China. Now it is a massive corporation that sells products all over the world. The headquarters are situated in Bejing, the city where the Lenovo Group was founded.

Lenovo Phones and Tablets

Lenovos phones and tablets first became popular with their P series, K series and Zuk series smartphone lines as well as their Lenovo A series and Tab 4 series line of Android Tablets. Recently Lenovo have maintained the highest update of Android, Android 8.0 on all of their devices. All the manufacturing of their devices is carried out in China, Singapore and Japan. In recent years Lenovo’s best sellers are the Lenovo Tab 7, this runs Android 7.0 and is renound for its large storage capabilities and camera, the Lenovo Yoga tab 3 pro, this tablet comes integrated with a projector and Android 8.0, the Lenovo K3 note, this is an Android 7.0 smartphone that comes equipped with a long battery life, large interface and 13 megapixel rear camera.


Lenovo’s phones all come equipped with the latest Andriod updates, most recently the Android 8.0. The Lenovo Tablets come equipped with either Andoid 8.0 or the latest update for windows, depending on which seies of tablet you puchase. Their phones are also famous for there extremely long battery life and high quality cameras.

Latest news

Lenovo are set to release their much anticipated Lenovo K5 Note 2018 and the Lenovo A5 smarthphone. Both these phones come equipped with the latest processors, android updates and long life batteries.

The Benefits of Using Spy app

As parents, we want our children to have cellphones so they can contact us in an emergency, but how can we be sure that they’re using their smartphones safely? The ideal answer is the installation of mSpy software on a child’s phone so that we can remotely monitor different activities on their cellphone.

Awareness of monitoring app

Although primarily aimed at parents to track their child’s activity and whereabouts, mSpy can also be used legally by business owners to monitor and protect their employees, and can, in fact, be installed on the device of any adult, provided that they are fully aware and have given their consent.

Tablets and Smartphones requirements for mSpy App

Before installing the app on any phone and tablets, you should ensure that the application is compatible with your mobile phone. One major requirement of ensuring compatibility is the target device must be operating on Android 4.0+. Another requirement is the Android device on target has to be connected to the internet. The third requirement is you have to access the device physically if you need to install the mSpy app and lastly the application, instant Messengers Tracking feature functions on only rooted mobile phones.

Instagram Tracker

With the growth of social media websites such as Instagram, our children have developed the habit of sharing all their lives on Instagram. In the process, they face a lot of danger in the form of cyberbullies, scammers or online predators. And considering that the direct messenger of Instagram is very secretive to us as parents, it is preferable that we use mSpy to track what they do while online. Having mSpy will enable us to monitor what our children do and, in the process, prevent them from falling victims to online predators. With mSpy, we can view all text messages that are either sent or received, read the messages sent directly in Instagram, view all direct messages that have been shared as links and then look through the shared texts and links.

Tinder Monitoring

As your child gets older they will start to have boyfriends and girlfriends and one of the most popular ways for young people to meet nowadays is online. Tinder is the leading online dating app and with the help of mSpy you can monitor and advise your child on how they act on this app. With mSpy you can view their profiles and read their priavte messages. This will allow you to protect them from people whom you don’t approve of or online predators that are preying to your child.

GPS Tracker

Of course we want to give our child some freedom so they can learn to be independent and stand on their own two feet, but we also worry about where they go. From the mSpy control panel, parents can not only check the child’s location on a detailed map (complete with coordinates) but they can also see the route their child has taken over a set period.

Skype spy Lenovo A2010

A great many individuals are utilizing Skype on an everyday schedule. It gives them the flexibility to contact their companions, relatives and family members regardless of where they are physically found. Skype is extremely advantageous and simple to utilize the application, and no big surprise why [...] 

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Call tracker Lenovo A6000

Call tracking apps on Lenovo A6000 will enable you to see the caller’s current whereabouts on a well-detailed map. You will also be able to check their direction history over a specified period of time. You can use the tracker to access all data and information directly from the comfort of your [...] 

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Gps phone tracker Lenovo A7000

The phone GPS tracker can be used to easily follow the location of your partner or child’s phone easily and without any sweat. The tracker enables to see their current location on Lenovo A7000 on the well-detailed map, enable you to check their direction history over a specific period of time.

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Mobile spy sms Lenovo K6 Note

Instant messaging is a technology that has made the life of many people easy but it has come with challenges like being able to keep track of what children are doing and infidelity. This is why Mobile Spy SMS for Lenovo K6 Note is important. It enables one to have insight into another person’s [...] 

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Spy phone app Lenovo K8 Note

The phone spy app is an application that is used to monitor mobile phones remotely without the owner noticing any suspicious activity. Spy Phone App Lenovo K8 Note uses the cell phone’s internet connection so as to send the information to the hosting server. From that point onward, you can screen [...] 

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Spy apps Lenovo P2

Spy applications can be utilized to track a man without their insight. Stressed over what your children are up to on the web? You could introduce a free spy application on their cell phones – Lenovo P2. These applications let you screen their social media, full access to their text messages, [...] 

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Spy software Lenovo Vibe C

Technology has made life easier for many people as well as helped solve many problems. But as the need for communication increases, challenges of secure communication rise. One of the causes of these challenges is the spy programs. A technology that involves monitoring of a person’s activities [...] 

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Spy message Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

Text messaging is the most prominent type of communication today, especially among young people. Message spy Lenovo Vibe K4 Note enables you as a parent, to monitor all the text messages to ensure your children aren’t messaging with conceivably perilous individuals. The application gives you [...] 

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Facebook spy Lenovo Vibe K5

The spy Facebook application on Lenovo Vibe K5 has an extremely splendid component that gives you a chance to keep an eye on the product you can see the Facebook talks, a discussion that has taken place on the specific person or group you are targeting. With the assistance of this component, you can [...] 

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Spy gps tracker Lenovo A1000

GPS spy tracker can help you to track the real-time location of the individual you are targeting without them having an idea of what is happening. The GPS tracker comes in different size so it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your requirements. Whether you are tracking your relatives, children [...] 

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