Vivo is a young smartphone brand company that focuses on high technology photography besides high quality sound. It works to develop products that are dynamic as well as greatly stylish products for its clients. Among some of these products are quality smartphones, online services, software and high end smartphone accessories.

Vivo unique features

Founded in 2009, vivo has continued to produce smartphones with unique features through endless innovation. The most unique feature vivo pioneered was to create in smartphones is Hi-Fi audio chips. The very first smartphone created by the company known as X1 with a dedicated Hi-Fi chip. Other unique features include a great camera that offers clients a chance to experience professional – grade photography. The smartphones’ cameras have great features such as a 24MP Clearer Selfie. Lastly, the smartphones also have In-Display Fingerprint Scanning,


The Company is located in China, where it was founded in Dongguan over a decade ago. It has its head office in Dongguan located in Guangdong in South China. Vivo manufacturing features an advanced testing with a controlled manufacturing process by technological development professionals and testing team.

Vivo latest News

  • Vivo joins the celebration of the FIFA World Cup in style as it finishes its sponsorship with football fans.
  • The global smartphone brand firm is residing true to its “Music and Camera” DNA at the 2018 FIFA Worldcup in Russia. This is with major activations at the Luzhiniki Stadium
  • Launching of the Bezel Less NEX flagship as vivo has announced its plan to launch its NEX flagship in major cities and countries. These are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, India and Malysia due to its great success in China.
  • Vivo revealed 3D sensing technology Time of flight for customers to explore new possibilities to interact with and get to experience the world.
  • Vivo collaborates with Qualcomm on the development of 5G antenna technology


Some of the smartphones and tablets that the company has created are:

  • X21 android 8.1
  • V9 android 8.1
  • V7+ android 7.1
  • V7 android 7.1
  • ASUS VivoTab 8 Windows 8

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