XiaomiXiaomi is a Chinese company that design and manufacture smartphones and tablets. Xiaomi is expanding globally and the quality of Xiaomi smartphones are now recognized internationally.

Company Background

Originally founded by the entrepreneur Lei Jun in 2010 with the aim of becoming a world-leading smartphone producer, Xiaomi has developed new global markets and are now the worlds fifth largest smartphone maker


Xiaomi Inc is based in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, but also has a corporate address in Bangalore, India.


Xiaomi smartphones and tablets are made in China but some models are assembled in India, All Xiaomi devices use Xiaomi's unique MIUI operating system based on the Android operating system.

Current Models

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition is the latest of Xiaomi's smartphones and is installed with MIUI v10 based on (Android 8.1 Oreo).Models with pre-installed MIUI 9.5 (Android 8.1):

  • • Xiaomi Mi mix 2s
  • • Mi 8 SE
  • • Mi A2
  • • Mi Pad 4 LTE
  • • Mi Pad 4 Wi-Fi
  • • Mi Max 3 Pro
  • • Redmi 6 Pro
  • • Redmi Note 5a


Xiaomi smartphones are high-quality products and are competitively priced compared to other major global brands. Over 61 million handsets were sold in 2014 with new models in constant development.

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Parents regularly confront a predicament about acquiring telephones for their children. Nobody will contend that in this day and age they should have the capacity to call each other can’t be disparaged. Then again, present day gadgets regularly transform into a fairly diverting bit of innovation. [...] 

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