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Why Use Spy Apps?

Spy apps allow us to install software on an electronic device and monitor its use at a distance via a control panel. It is compatible with most up-to-date iOS and Android operating systems. After its installation, it lets us know about all activities on the device as well as providing information about location in real-time – whether the device is on- or offline. It is most commonly used by concerned parents who wish to protect their children; employers who want to monitor their workers' cellphone use and/or location during working hours and people who are suspicious that their partners are cheating. It is perfectly legal to install spy software on someone else's phone without their permission when the phone belongs to you – as is the case with children's or employees' phones.

Which Spyware is Available on the Market?

Just a quick online search shows that there are many different spyware apps including mSpy, xnspy, The Truth Spy, Spyzie and FlexiSpy. We might find the choice bewildering when we access their websites and find what they have to offer. All of these companies seem to offer a similar selection of services to monitor call logs, browse call and internet activity, read text messages and track location through GPS as well as routes taken. The software can also allow access to multimedia files, email accounts and easy monitoring of social media such as WhatsApp, Tinder, Twitter and Facebook as well as give worried parents the ability to block sites or undesirable contacts.

With the choice on offer, how do we know which spyware to choose?

The Benefits of Using mSpy

mSpy has a number of advantages over their rivals. Firstly, they offer 3 versions of their spyware: Basic, Premium and No Jailbreak (iPhones only). This means we can choose the package that is tailor-made to suit our needs instead of paying unnecessarily for additional features (from the 25 on offer). Another benefit of mSpy is that there is 24/7 customer support, and it is available in a variety of languages for non-native speakers of English. Finally, mSpy is extremely simple and fast to install and has a user-friendly interface. They also offer their customers mAssistance which is a unique service providing tech support. Of course we can install mSpy in stealth mode so the other person doesn't know we're monitoring them. However, many family members use a mobile phone tracker as a safeguard so they know each other's location when they're away from home.

Not convinced of the superiority of mSpy? Sign up for their 7-day free trial and access their Premium package; we're confident that you'll renew your subscription and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from protecting your loved ones.

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