Spyware apps are mobile applications used to monitor someone’s movement and conversations with the intention of keeping them safe from harmful situations. They may be required in various situations. For instance, when you wish to know about the movements of your child, husband or wife, follow the performance of your employees or track a stolen phone, spyware apps help significantly when used in conjunction with iPhones. Such apps are 100 per cent efficient and legal if you are using them to manage your business or protect your family from harm. Other reasons for using these apps like when stalking someone are considered a felony. 

Spy App without Target Phone

Technology growth has made it possible for people to use spy apps for iPhone monitoring without having physical access to the target handsets. Once you download one of these applications, all you need is to register. And also you need iCloud data of target phone:  email and password. It is very convenient in that, no matter where the target phone is, you can keep track of it efficiently. 

Apple spy features

Various applications differ in features. However, most of them contain similar characteristics. MSpy is the best Apple spy service that is currently on the market, going for only $59. Download mSpy

What makes this application stand out from the rest is its top feature known as Geofencing. This is the app’s ability to set location restrictions to the target iPhone. It means that your kid will only be allowed to go to specific places set by you. If you only allow your kid to visit their aunt, school, church and a specific friend’s place, then every time you child goes elsewhere, the application will alert you. Other mSpy application features include the following: 

  • Set unlimited number of allowed locations for your child
  • View outgoing and incoming calls of the target phone
  • Monitor how often the safe zones are visited and when they are visited
  • See the target iPhone movements on a map
  • Control iPhone apps on the target phone like calendar, contacts and notes, among others and block apps that may be harmful or illegal for your child’s age
  • Track text correspondences on the phone
  • Access a number of messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Hangouts, iMessage and Viber
  • View multimedia like files, videos, and their phone gallery
  • Monitor the target phone’s online activity, including browsing history, wifi networks and set keyword alerts
  • Activate device locking in the case of theft to protect information in the device

iPhone tracking app

With full access to the target iPhone, you can access extended features like unlimited access to messaging apps like WhatsApp. Mspy iPhone Tracking App can be used alongside other apps like keymonitor.com, which will give you the opportunity to record and listen to phone conversations. 
Call Recording

Cheap iPhone monitoring

As mentioned earlier, mspy is the best spyware app currently. If you find its market price, $59, being a bit costly, you can go for an affordable option. Spyzie.com is the most economical solution going for $40. The application gets you direct access to the target phone’s applications and messaging apps like Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat. It also has the geofencing feature. Hence, a good option as well. 

Download Spyzie

Is Apple tracking Legal?

Phone tracking applications are completely legal as long as you use them for the right purposes. Spyware apps should be used for monitoring your underage children with the intention of keeping them safe and your employees with the aim of protecting your business. The application has to be installed in your child’s phone to activate spyware abilities. This is only allowed for either biological parents of the child or their guardians. In this case, you do not need to inform them about the application on their phone since you pay the phone bills anyway. 

When it comes to employees, it is illegal to install spyware applications on their personal phones or tablets. They are entitled to their privacy. However, if you inform them about it and get their consent, you can install the app. This is a great method of surveillance in the workplace. If the employees have office devices, you do not need to alert them about the installation of the applications. Phone tracking will prevent data leakage to third parties. 

Mobile tracking is important for safety purposes hence, families have to agree to their installation on everyone’s phones to keep every member safe.

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Spy message Apple iPhone 6s

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