The Best Way You Can Monitor Your Kid's Tablet or Phone

Are you looking for a powerful parental control tool? Look no more: we have the solution. Our mobile monitoring software, called mSpy, runs on your kid's phone, tracking all the activities such as WhatsApp, text messages, GPS location and call history. With that being said, here are some amazing features that come with the mSpy software Buy now

cellphone call logs

Call Logs

You can view the list of outgoing as well as incoming calls on your child's mobile phone and prevent troublesome situations with mSpy. The app also allows you to access information about callers from the address book. Use the app to limit the interaction with those you disapprove and view call duration, timestamps plus chronology. Furthermore, the app shows ten most calling contacts; this allows you to know who your kid talks to the most. With the Call Logs feature, it'll be very easy to identify an online predator or a bully because all your kid's calls are organised neatly on the personalised control panel.

Mobile Features | mSpy

Incoming Call Restriction

You can use the app to restrict undesired numbers from reaching the phone of your child and prevent unhealthy communication. You can also manage the restrictions you've set from your personalised control panel. This feature is useful because if your child has contacts in their address book, which you don't like or frequently receives unwanted calls from strangers, the app can be of great help. You can use the mSpy call restriction feature and just block unwanted calls to prevent your kid from communicating with wrong people.

Monitor sms

Monitor Text Messages

View all your child's sent, received as well as deleted messages. You can check the senders of all the messages and view the time and date of every SMS. Today, text messaging is known to be the most common form of communication among young people. Therefore, as a parent, you will want to monitor all the text messages to ensure your children are not communicating with potentially dangerous people. mSpy allows you to keep an eye on all the people your kid is texting. Hence, you can prevent communication with people who can harm your kid.

monitor whatsapp

Monitor WhatsApp

The app allows you to view all WhatsApp received and sent texts. mSpy also allows you to monitor WhatsApp information, including time, date and duration of every call. You can track multimedia file, including photos, as well as videos that are shared on WhatsApp and then stored in the gallery. You can always access all the tracked data from your Control Panel. This feature makes sure your child is not communicating with online predators, cyberbullies or any strangers on WhatsApp.

track snapchat

Track Snapchat

All Snapchat videos and photos automatically self-destruct within ten seconds, which makes it difficult for parents to check the files. However, with the mSpy app, you are capable of recovering the content that is shared on Snapchat, even after it has been deleted. The app allows you to read received and sent Snapchat texts on your child's device. You can also view all the sent Snapchat photos on your kid's device. Moreover, you can look through all outgoing Snapchat data from your Control Panel as well as track the exact date and time of the outgoing Snapchat texts and data. This allows you to protect your child and prevent unwanted activities on Snapchat.

read facebook

Read Facebook Messages

mSpy allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming chats and act quickly if something goes wrong. With the app, you will know who your child talks to on Facebook as well as the time and date of all the received and sent texts on Facebook. Facebook is swarmed with online predators, sexters and cyberbullies, thus monitoring their conversations on Facebook is a must for all modern parents. When you supervise all the Facebook conversations of your kid, you will reduce the risks of online potential danger, and you can easily protect your children online.

monitor imessges

Monitor iMessages

The app allows you to read iMessage chats on your kid's device. You can also see whether the message was outgoing or incoming. Additionally, you can view the exact date and time of every message. You can access iMessage chats from your Control Panel. mSpy allows you to supervise all the iMessage conversations and know what your kids are chatting about. This helps you to protect your children from interacting with online predators, cyberbullies, or other unwanted people. With mSpy, you can stay on top of your kid's online safety.

skype tracker

Skype Tracker

With mSpy, you can supervise all your child's received and sent Skype messages. You will still see the messages directly from your Control Panel even if they are deleted. Also, you can review all your child's received as well as made Skype calls, including date stamps and time. Furthermore, a blocking feature is available, and you can use it to restrict unwanted contacts. Skype is a favourite spot for predators and bullies; mSpy allows you to always keep an eye on your kid's Skype activities and protect them from any danger.

telegram monitoring

Telegram Monitoring

The app allows you to supervise received and sent Telegram text messages plus the timestamps. You can keep track of your child's Telegram secret chat and prevent unwanted activities. You can supervise Telegram contacts by viewing who your child talks to on Telegram to prevent any suspicious contacts from becoming friends with your kid. Therefore, with mSpy, you can protect your child from unhealthy interaction on Telegram.

hangouts tracking

Hangouts Tracking

mSpy lets you view the content of all the text messages on your kid's mobile phone. You can access the messages from your Control Panel even if they have been deleted. Also, you can see your child's received and sent Hangout messages, including photos, maps, contacts and much more. Additionally, you can see the contact list as well as the Hangouts conversations, including time stamps, text and content. You should use mSpy to prevent your kids from communicating with anyone who could harm them.

tinder monitoring

Tinder Monitoring

You can use mSpy to supervise activities on your child's Tinder account, ensuring they aren't falling a victim to cyberbullies, catfisher, scammers or predators. You can monitor your teen's matches plus any interaction with them. Moreover, you can view the search parameters that they have set on Tinder. You can supervise all your child's Tinder texts and prevent undesired situations that can put them emotionally or physically in danger.

line tracker

Line Tracker

mSpy allows you to read received and sent text messages on Line (a free texting and phone calling app) from your personalised Control Panel. You can track hidden chats by viewing the hidden communications on your kid's Line and know what your they are up to. Additionally, you can view any contact details, ensuring your kids do not communicate with inappropriate people or strangers on Line.

viber tracking

Viber Tracker

With mSpy, you can read all received and sent messages on your child's Viber. You can also access the messages directly from your Control Panel even if they are deleted. You can view Viber calls details, including the time, date plus duration of every call received or sent on your child's Viber. There is also a blocking feature that you can use to restrict unwanted phone number. You will have access to all group conversations and prevent any troublesome behaviour before it begins. You are also capable of remotely tracking the target device data at any convenient time. You simply log in to the Control Panel and you'll access everything you would like to check. With mSpy you, will be able to monitor your child's Viber and prevent the potential risks as well as undesired communication.

monitor kik

Monitor Kik Messenger

You can remotely monitor all outgoing and incoming texts in your kid's Kik messenger. You can also monitor timestamps by viewing the date and time of every Kirk message, plus whether the message was received or sent. The mSpy app enables you to prevent your child from talking to cyberbullies, online predators, and any other abuser who can harm your child by having access to their Kik messenger.

instagram tracker

Instagram Tracker

mSpy allows you to read all received and sent text messages, as well as view the links that are shared on your child's Instagram Direct. The app will ensure your kid does not fall a victim to the online predators who usually befriend children on Instagram.

gps location

Monitor Current GPS Location

With mSpy, you can see the current whereabouts of your child on the detailed map. Also, you can view the history of their route over a particular interval of time and location list details such as accuracy, address, location time and coordinates. mSpy allows you to protect your children when you aren't around and make sure they aren't involved in anything dangerous.



mSpy allows you to set an unlimited number of forbidden and safe zones such as Grandma's house, school or home. You can monitor how often and when each zone is visited and get alerts whenever your kid breaches virtual barriers. You will receive email notifications regarding each zone exit and entrance. The app also allows you to check your kid's device movement history on a convenient map. Setting safe zones is important because it protects your child from visiting remote or dangerous areas of the city.

aplication blocking

Application Blocking

You can check the list of apps that are installed on your child's device, block the apps that are encouraging destructive behaviour and protect your child from interacting with strangers. The software prevents your kid from installing as well as using unnecessary applications.



With the software, you can monitor each stroke on your kid's device. Also, you can remotely view all keylogger logs from your personalised Control Panel and get useful insights regarding the interests of your child. This allows you to stay in front of any possible dangerous situation and prevent interaction with potentially dangerous strangers, online predators and bullies.

monitor multimedia

Multimedia Files

mSpy lets you browse any pictures downloaded to your child's phone, get the date and time stamps for each photo and access photo logs directly from your Control Panel. The software enables you to protect your children from the dangers of cyberbullying and sexting. Also, the app allows you to browse all the videos on your child's phone, view the time and date stamps on all the videos plus access video log history. Hence, you can prevent your kid from viewing pornographic, violent or any other inappropriate videos.

browsing history

Browsing History

With the mSpy software, you will be able to monitor what websites your kid visits on the internet. The software also allows you to filter web content, check the date and time stamps and view browsing history. This allows you to protect your kid from objectionable content; some websites have explicit content, or they promote violence, racism or suicidal thoughts. When you use mSpy, you will be notified instantly if your kid visits these questionable websites, or they access objectionable content.

blocking websites

Blocking Websites

mSpy also enables you to prevent your kid from visiting questionable sites. With the app, you can block access to sites that contain inappropriate content, such as violence, drug usage, racism, 18+ materials among others. You can also set specific times when accessing certain websites is restricted.

keyword tracking

Keyword Alerts Tracking

With the software, you can get immediate notifications when inappropriate phrases or keywords are used on your kid's phone. You can see the content that includes words or phrases that are dangerous. For instance, you can find out if your kid is searching on the internet for information on violence, sex, drug use or other inappropriate content. Just specify the keywords and the software will notify you in real-time when they are used.

monitor email

Incoming/Outgoing Emails

mSpy allows you to monitor your kid's email and protect them from explicit content, online predators as well as bullying. You can read all outgoing and incoming emails, view the time and date of all the emails and track the recipient information. mSpy provides email monitoring for Android and iOS devices.

calendar activities

Calendar Activities

You can supervise all your child's calendar activities: you'll always know when they are planning to go to a concert, party or meet with a new friend they found on Facebook. The app allows you to browse scheduled meetings and check meeting details. Therefore, with mSpy, you are able to keep an eye on your child's schedule and react promptly if you do not approve certain activities; the software will notify you immediately and you can take appropriate precautions.

monitoring contatcs


The app allows you to scan your kid's address book and find out if there are suspicious contact entries on your kid's phone. You can view all the numbers and names stored in the device's address book. You can also browse other contact detail, like emails or home and business addresses using mSpy Control Panel.

device locking

Device Locking

Personal information leakage may cause financial and security problems, which can lead to frustrating plus intrusive loss of privacy. The mSpy Device Locking feature helps you in preventing the leakage of your family's sensitive personal data by activating the lockout command remotely from your Control Panel. This makes you have a peace of mind knowing that your private information is safe.